The bouquet stems are wrapped in a water bag to ensure freshness during the delivery process. Keeping the bouquet upright, unwrap the paper over a sink and remove the water bag. You may choose to make a small cut at the base of the water bag to drain the water so that things don’t get messy! Do not cut the twine holding the bouquet together as it will loosen the floral composition.

Look for a vase of an appropriate size and height for the bouquet. Clean it well with a gentle dishwashing soap and warm water to remove any dirt and microorganisms, then fill it to 3/4 full with room temperature water.

Ensure no leaves or flowers are submerged in water; remove if necessary. This prevents leaves from rotting and turning the water bad.

Trim 2cm off the end of the stem and at an angle to give the flower a fresh and wider surface area for better water absorption.


Here are some general tips for maintaining your flowers:

• Change the water and trim a little of the stem daily to keep flowers blooming for longer. Take extra caution when trimming stems – make sure you do not crush the stems as that can prevent the stems from taking up water.
• Remove wilted flowers from the vase to avoid stems from contaminating the water. Contamination can clog up stems and affect the water intake of your flowers.
• Fill vases only with fresh, room temperature water. When the water in your vase turns cloudy, it’s time to change it out!
• Do not spray water on blooms as it may cause colours to fade.
• Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and ripening fruits.

Instructions may vary from flower to flower; where necessary, we’ve included additional care tips together with your order or on the product page.

A Note on Floral Substitution

As with all things stemming from nature, availability of flowers may vary and will be subject to seasonality.

In the event of any supply difficulty due to seasonal differences or shipment delays, or if the flowers we received that are needed to create your order do not meet our standards, we may substitute floral choices with an alternate bloom of a similar style or texture, of equivalent (or greater) value and quality. This may be done without prior notice to you, but please trust that we will make every effort to pick the best blooms and understand your preferences before making a replacement.

All flowers pictured portray only the colour and style of the arrangement and are intended to be illustrative of the final product.