Approximately 20 stalks

Perfect for regular home centrepieces as they are easy to manage; also works perfectly as a small posy for weddings.


Approximately 30 stalks

Great for gifting as a token of appreciation or festive occasions.


Approximately 40 stalks

Makes a great first impression; perfect for a grand entrance, a shared gift or a romantic proposal bouquet.


Stalk length can be a determining factor when choosing a single variety arrangement. Here are some recommendations for selecting the right flowers for your space:


This length works well for coffee tables or side tables.


This length is perfect for dining tables.


This variety is the ideal length for entrance tables, console tables and bar top centrepieces.

A Note on Floral Substitution

As with all things stemming from nature, availability of flowers may vary and will be subject to seasonality.

In the event of any supply difficulty due to seasonal differences or shipment delays, or if the flowers we received that are needed to create your order do not meet our standards, we may substitute floral choices with an alternate bloom of a similar style or texture, of equivalent (or greater) value and quality. This may be done without prior notice to you, but please trust that we will make every effort to pick the best blooms and understand your preferences before making a replacement.

All flowers pictured portray only the colour and style of the arrangement and are intended to be illustrative of the final product.