The common sunflower is a crop that has developed multiple uses over its course of history. During cultivation, young sunflowers orientate themselves towards the direction of the sun. At dawn the head of the flower faces east and gradually moves west throughout the day. During the night, it re-orientates itself to face east in anticipation of the morning sun. When it reaches full maturity, it no longer follows the sun, but continuously faces east until it is harvested. This characteristic of the sunflower is described as heliotropic motion, which is a circadian rhythm, synchronized by the sun. It is no… Read more
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  • Lifespan

    Up to 7 days in optimum conditions and with daily floral care.

  • Stem Height


  • Sizing

    Standard — 8 stalks
    Large — 15 stalks

Packaging & Floral Care

Single variety flowers come wrapped in translucent paper with a water bag. This ensures sufficient hydration for the flowers so that they remain fresh between the time it is put together and when the recipient receives it.

Change the water in your vase daily, and nip a little of the stems so that a clean, fresh surface can absorb water more efficiently.

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