Flower Care

You can extend the lifespan of your arrangement by placing it in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight. Most flowers generally last longer in cooler temperatures and will wilt quicker if the ambient temperature is warm. Adding a dash of flower food will also help give your flowers’ lifespan a boost.

We encourage you to change the water in the vase once every two days, and trim the ends of the stems to give your flowers a clean surface to absorb water. You can re-arrange your flowers each time you change water and refresh the look of your vase arrangement if you wish.

We hope you enjoy your flowers!

Wonderland Botanicals is a contemporary floral design studio in Singapore led by a small, careful selection of blooms in season, each sculptural creation marked by an unexpected floral silhouette accentuated by an intentionally-minimal glass vase to help its recipient grasp the beauty of a moment – oftentimes quietly bold, cherished yet fleeting – to inspire wonder in your day-to-day.

From daily bouquets to bespoke vase arrangements, interior styling to wedding set-ups, intimate workshops to art installations, a contemporary flair grounds our signature house style but no two arrangements are ever the same. We look forward to composing one that’s artfully yours.

Who we are

Established in Singapore in 2010, our work as florists began as a natural and logical companion to the event styling services we offered as the now-defunct company Wonderland for Detailed Planners. In 2018, as part of a change in leadership, we decided to focus on what we enjoy doing most — our floristry work — and center our efforts on bringing the joy, wonder and fascination of flowers to our everyday.

We've had the honour to make flowers for...