Our bouquets come wrapped in brown paper with a water bag. This ensures sufficient hydration for the flowers so that they remain fresh between the time it is put together and when the recipient receives it.

Flowers can last in the water bag for three days (or more, if all stem ends are still sitting in water) but we recommend you unwrap the flowers and place them in a vase to ensure their lifespan is maximised.

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We offer a few ways you can choose to receive single variety flowers:

(1) Market Bundle

No frills, just flowers. If you’re purchasing flowers for your home or putting together your own arrangement, we recommend this minimally-packaged option. However, flowers will not come with a water bag so select this option only if you have an available source of water at your location.

(2) Bouquet Wrapped

Single variety bouquets make for an impressive gift, and is perfect for showcasing the unique beauty of the variety chosen. Pick this option if you’re gifting the bouquet to a special someone.

(3) In a Glass Vase

The most hassle-free option, all you need to do is find an empty spot to display your flowers. Great as a housewarming gift, or for someone starting on their floral journey so that they can reuse the vase for other arrangements.


Unlike what is commonly found, we do not use floral foam in our floral stands and instead arrange flowers in a vase placed on a wooden pedestal. This makes them a great decorating piece for any space, and is an easy way to elevate a showroom, office or special event. You may opt to return the stand and vase to us after your event or until the flowers wilt so that we can reuse them for another time.

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A Note on Floral Substitution

As with all things stemming from nature, availability of flowers may vary and will be subject to seasonality.

In the event of any supply difficulty due to seasonal differences or shipment delays, or if the flowers we received that are needed to create your order do not meet our standards, we may substitute floral choices with an alternate bloom of a similar style or texture, of equivalent (or greater) value and quality. This may be done without prior notice to you, but please trust that we will make every effort to pick the best blooms and understand your preferences before making a replacement.

All flowers pictured portray only the colour and style of the arrangement and are intended to be illustrative of the final product.