Now that you have received your Market Bundle Flowers, we are excited for you to experience the joys of assembling your own flower arrangement. There is no one “perfect” arrangement, and we would like to encourage you to focus on enjoying the process of creation, and trust in the natural beauty of the flowers.

Your Market Bundle Flowers will have been delivered without a water source. Upon receiving the flowers, remove the packaging and trim a little of the stems before popping it into a vase of fresh water especially if you are not arranging it immediately.


Before you start putting your arrangement together, here’s what you’ll need:

• A clean vase – For taller centrepieces, choose a vase that is approximately 30cm tall, with a small neck that can act as the binding point for the flowers. With shorter vases, the stems of the flowers will have to be trimmed to the height that best suits the location it will be placed. If you do not have a vase at home, you may use a jug or a bottle; the guidelines on height will apply.

• Flower shears or a pair of strong scissors

• Water


To put your arrangement together, follow the steps below. These are not hard-and-fast rules but guidelines, so feel free to let your creativity take over once you feel confident enough!

1. Before you begin, trim the stems so the flowers have a fresh surface to absorb water more effectively.

2. Floral stems are kept long so you have the flexibility to create tall as well as shorter centrepieces. After selecting your vase, ensure it is clean and fill 3/4 of the vase with fresh water.

3. Start arranging your flowers by placing three tall stems into the vase, creating a cross section with the stems. You can use foliage or florals, or a mix.

4. Next place 1 large bloom in the front of the vase, with the bloom sitting at the neck of the vase.

5. Now that you have set up the structure for your arrangement (with the tall stems of foliage/florals), and put in place the focal point of your arrangement (the large bloom), you can trim five stalks of flowers to a height in between the tallest and shortest, and arrange these stalks amongst the tallest and focal stalks.

6. Of the four stalks remaining, place one tall stalk slightly off-centre in the arrangement to punctuate the shorter stalks, and another tall stalk at the side to droop down slightly for a natural feel.

7. With the last two stalks, trim them shorter and place them in the middle of the arrangement to fill space or in the back of the arrangement to create depth.

8. And voila! Step back and enjoy your floral masterpiece.


You can extend the lifespan of your arrangement by placing it in a cool environment, away from direct sunlight. Most flowers generally last longer in cooler temperatures and will wilt quicker if the ambient temperature is warm. Adding a dash of flower food will also help give your flowers’ lifespan a boost.

We encourage you to change the water in the vase once every two days, and trim the ends of the stems to give your flowers a clean surface to absorb water. You can re-arrange your flowers each time you change water and refresh the look of your vase arrangement if you wish.

We hope you enjoy your flowers!

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